Letter from the Chair

16978365802_4210eb38c9_oChair AnneMarie Staley (third from left) and other board members  pause for a photo while sorting food at the San Antonio Food Bank

AnneMarie Staley, CBCP, MBCI
Chair, DRI Foundation

It’s been a banner year for the Disaster Recovery International Foundation, as we work to realize our
vision of resilient communities worldwide and celebrate our fifth anniversary. What better way to celebrate than by working harder and reaching more individuals and communities in
need than ever before?

Among our top stories this year are some real milestones. In addition to awarding funds for 10 initiatives(read all about them in the coming pages!) in five countries, we expanded our scholarship program in two very exciting ways. First, instead of just one college scholarship, this year we awarded two – one for a high school senior and another for a current undergrad. We are happy to help our certified professionals with the cost of higher education and we love hearing the students’ views on topics related to our profession (make sure to give their essays a read).

We also launched a very important initiative of which we are quite proud – the Veterans Outreach
Committee Scholarship Program, which generated much excitement and inspired some truly generous giving. These scholarships (there were six awarded in2016) help veterans by providing admission to a DRI International business continuity educational course, all course materials, qualifying examination, and application fees – all at no cost to the scholarship winners. We are thrilled to support this deserving audience and welcome such qualified professionals to our ranks.

And speaking of welcoming, I personally welcome each of you to read on, learn more about all
of the wonderful projects we helped support in 2016, and consider how you might play a role on
our team – through volunteering, participating in our fundraisers, or donations. We hope you enjoy this 2016 Annual Review, and we pledge to keep you posted on our progress.


AnneMarie Staley